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Information for Current and Future Owners


FUTURE Owners: 

Thank you for your considering Sand Dune Properties as your professional investment property manager.
We have tried to answer some of the common questions regarding our PROPERTY MANAGEMENT services below.
After reviewing this page, please contact us so that we may answer your questions, meet you at your home,
and discuss your particular situation at NO OBLIGATION.


  • Written by a local Florida real estate attorney. 
  • Extensive enough to answer most situations that could arise for the benefit of both OWNER and our company.
  • Management Addendum details exactly how we handle your particular property (Pets, Service Contracts, HOAs, etc.)


  • Written by a local Florida real estate attorney specifically for OUR company.
  • Leases are thoroughly reviewed with tenants.
  • Tenants are given all necessary information to be comfortable in their new home.
  • As many of our OWNERS are moving from the local area, our company utilizes DOCUSIGN® to obtain
    "Digital Signatures" on all leases. Click here to learn about this technology:


  • Comprehensive Management of your investment through condition inspections, accounting, maintenance,
    prompt service, & strict adherence to the payment of rent!
  • Tenants have 24 / 7 "LIVE" phone support for Emergency Maintenance via SUPER TENDERS call center.
  • Advertising: Company website (PICTURES, Rental Requirements Application and Payment of Fees make this
    the primary source for potential clients, both PENSACOLA & NAVARRE multiple listing services,, public MLS,,,, and others along with signage at property... (no other company compares!)
  • THOROUGH SCREENING of TENANTS to include; credit history (w/ FICO score), Rental History Verification from
    previous landlords, employment / income verification, local & national criminal / background checks.
  • Payment of most fees associated with property as desired by Owner (i.e. lawn service, termite treatment,
    All service invoices, etc.)
  • Direct Deposit (ACH secured payments) of NET RENTS to OWNERS' bank account.
  • Tenants' ability to set up Direct Deposit of rents if desired.
  • Online accounting for Owners (i.e. 24/7 access of property financials and maintenance records)
  • Maintenance of electricity in vacant properties (Heating, A/C and security!)

FEES (it is our intent to provide the highest quality service at a reasonable cost):

  • Monthly Management Fee: 10% of collected rents - covers inspections, owner/tenant requested & inspection
    initiated service calls, maintenance of utilities, services such as lawn, pest, pool, etc., accounting,
  • Leasing Fee: 25% of first month's rent - if your property does not have a current tenant, this fee covers all advertising (pictures, websites, internet, yard sign, etc.), showing of the property and screening of prospective tenants, lease preparation, fees paid to cooperating brokers (i.e. other agents who show your property), Pet Addendum (if applicable), delivery of keys, Condition & Inspection form, and turnover of property with new tenant.
  • Collection of Pet Fees from tenants as applicable.
  • NO FEES for lease renewal of an existing tenant.
  • NO FEES during vacancies.
  • NO ANNUAL RENEWAL FEE of management contract.

When selecting ANY company to manage your investment, verify their
ACTIVE licensure at;

We look forward to working FOR you!

CURRENT Owners: 

*EACH OWNER SHOULD ATTEMPT TO MAINTAIN A RESERVE OF AT LEAST ONE-MONTH’S RENT AT ALL TIMES. Vacancies, unexpected repairs, increases in insurance costs, etc. HAPPEN! DO NOT count on this month’s rent to pay this month’s mortgage. At Sand Dune Properties, we will do everything in our power to reduce costs. ALL of our service providers give us a discount due to our volume of service with them. We scrutinize ALL requests for unnecessary repairs or maintenance that can be deferred. However we also perform periodic maintenance in order to maintain the value of your home for both current RENTAL and future SALE

When you first signed your Management Contract, you gave us banking information indicating the account to which NET RENTS will be deposited. Each month your tenant pays their rent to Sand Dune Properties. From that amount we deduct any repairs from the previous month, our Management Fees,  additional fees (lawn care, pool care, termite bond inspections, etc.) and send the rest (i.e. NET RENT) via ACH DEPOSIT to your account. ALL accounting can be viewed by signing in to your OWNER ACCOUNT at: and click SIGN IN at the upper right hand corner.

Use your Email & Password to log into your OWNER ACCOUNT. If you forget your password, the system can reset it for you.

It is our intention to get your Net rent to your account as soon as possible. Your tenant's check must be received and given time to clear. Net rents are usually posted FROM OUR BANK around the 12th of the month and should post to your account soon after. Owners should notify Sand Dune Properties if Net rents are not received by the 15th.

We attempt to remain as “Green” a company as possible. As such ALL of your accounting information is available on-line and we utilize Email and scanned documents whenever possible. To View your account information, go to and click SIGN IN at the upper right corner. Our only current exception to this will be the mailing of an annual statement during January of each year. Owners will receive a Tax Form 1099 stating the amount of GROSS RENTs collected on your behalf (Rents, Pet Fee income, etc.) You will also receive a Year-end statement which lists all fees, expenses, and Owner Draws (NET RENTS received by the Owner). This summary is exactly what your tax professional needs to complete your taxes. As a Rental Property Owner, we highly suggest you consult a TAX PROFESSIONAL to assist you with taxes and tax planning as they relate to your Rental Property.

As leases are an official agreement between you and your tenant, it will be necessary to obtain your signature when we sign a lease with a new tenant. We have made this a very simple process by utilizing DOCUSIGN “Digital Signature software” to obtain signatures. You can go to: to learn more about this easy-to-understand technology. The lease comes to you via Email, and a few clicks later, your document is signed and on its way back to us … you can keep a copy upon signing or the system will send you a copy when ALL signatures are received.

Owners should retain utilities (Water/Sewer & Electric) in their name when they move. Cancel ALL OTHER CONTRACTS; phone, cable, trash, etc. (Trash Service should have a scheduled final pick-up date although cans "may" remain at property) Give the utility companies a forwarding address. When the first tenant begins their lease and takes over the utilities, you will receive the FINAL BILL. In between tenants, Sand Dune Properties establishes a Landlord Agreement with Gulf Power. This Landlord Agreement ensures that power is never removed from the property. Billing in between tenants will be taken care of by Sand Dune Properties and will show up in your Owner’s Account. We only maintain water service in between tenants if there is a NEED. (i.e. additional cleaning, etc.) We do this as little as possible as there are usually additional turn-on / turn-off fees involved.

KEYS: We need at least 3 keys (2 for tenants, 1 for SDP). If we have at least one key, leave the rest in a kitchen drawer. Keys can be duplicated upon request for a minimal charge.

GARAGE DOOR REMOTES: Leave them with the spare keys in a kitchen drawer ... please check batteries that they are still working and correctly programmed.

TRASH CANS: NAVARRE and GULF BREEZE cans be passed onto the next tenant. However, you should schedule a final pick-up date from your provider so that tenants will arrive to CLEAN CANS.

CLEANLINESS: YOUR HOUSE SHOULD BE SPOTLESS! We have found that when the home is presented in excellent condition when a tenant moves in, the better the tenant tends to care for the property. We understand that a move takes quite a bit out of you … if you need a recommendation to assist you with your final cleaning, please contact us.

DEBRIS: Most moving companies will not pack fuels, solvents, and other flammable liquids. Therefore, please give away or discard as much of your “stuff” as possible. Touch-up paint (clearly labeled) and a few cleaning supplies should be all that is left with the property. An excessive amount of items that need to be removed upon your departure could result in a charge for removal and disposition.

CARPETS: All carpets “shall” be professionally cleaned as we expect your tenants to do the same when they depart. We currently utilize Karl (Owner of Better Quality Carpets - 850-346-9100) for ALL of our floor cleaning needs. 

INSTRUCTIONS/CODES: Tricky Gas fireplace? Installed alarm/security system? Please make sure you leave instructions and codes for Sand Dune Properties as well as your tenants.

HOME OWNER ASSOCIATION: In an Email addressed to both the HOA Management and “CC” to it would be a good idea to inform your HOA that we are now managing your property on your behalf. We have a good working relationship with HOAs and Association Managers throughout the area.